The ASK POLYBRENE test is, an easy to use and high sensitivity kit, used for cross matching, RBC (red blood cell) antibody screening, RBC antibody identification and blood type identification.  


   The principle of ASK POLYBRENE test includes three phases:
Phase 1: The RNC sensitization phase is done in a Low Ionic Medium (LIM).
Phase 2: The reversible, non-specific polybrene-induced agglutination phase causes the approximation of the RBC and consequently permits the cross-bridge formation by antibody molecules.
Phase 3: The reversible, non-specific polybrene-induced RBC aggregates are dispersed by the addition of sodium citrate. The presence of RBC antibody is recognized by the persistent immunological agglutination after the neutralization of the polybrene effect.
    In order to detect anti-Kell antibody, a supplementary antiglobulin phase may be performed.